project overview and involvement

Title: Webmaster and IPT Member

Location: Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (Orlando, Florida)

Dates: 9/2007-1/2009

The Serious Games Showcase & Challenge is an annual contest that is held at the I/ITSEC convention in Orlando, Florida.

Different groups of individuals across the world are invited to submit a Serious Game.  After the games are reviewed, the finalists are giving a chance to show off their Serious Game on the showroom floor at I/ITSEC. The winners are announced at the end of the Convention.

When I joined this project in 2007, it was in it's infancy. My Job was to run the Challenge's website and be a member of the IPT. I attend meetings, with the other IPT members, to come up with ideas to make the contest run efficiently. We created criteria for Serious Games that would enable us to judge the submitted games accurately. The contest has come a long way since 2007 and has made its mark at the I/ITSEC convention in Orlando.

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